Tom Rigg of AltNet B4RN keynotes at CommCon

    We’re delighted to have Tom Rigg, Chief Operating Office of B4RN, as our second keynote 🥳

    Tom Rigg, COO at B4RN

    Tom Rigg
    Chief Operating Officer at B4RN

    🌐 B4RN is an innovative, community-led AltNet, and they’re local to this year’s CommCon venue.

    🫶 We love B4RN because they’re passionate about accessible fast internet for rural end-users, and they’re big supporters and users of open source - much of their infrastructure is built on open source technologies.

    Tom will be covering:

    • The transition from copper to fibre
    • Creating a network from the ground up
    • Operating a dark fibre network with 400Gb low latency technologies

    We’re really looking forward to his talk and learning more about how to minimise latency, maximise efficiency and work together to build a better, more accessible web!

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    🎤 Check out who else we have added to the line-up:

    Sukchan Lee
    Founder at Open 5GS project

    Sukchan Lee headshot

    Sukchan explains how to build your own 5G and LTE Networks with Open5GS.

    Paula Osés Noguero
    AI Engineer at Noumena

    Paula Osés Noguero headshot

    Paula will cover the latest algorithms used in video analysis and discuss their potential applications, and showcase Noumena's project focusing on traffic monitoring using video and artificial intelligence in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

    Russ D'Sa
    Founder at LiveKit

    Russ D'Sa headshot

    Russ dives into the world of WebRTC oddities: exploring the differences across browsers and mobile clients, covering everything from codec support and audio handling to API variations and those pesky undocumented behaviours that can catch you off-guard.

    See all the talks here or view all the speakers by hitting the button below.

    Stay tuned for more soon!

    - Team CommCon

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