The Official CommCon 2023 Round Up Blog 😎🎉

    CommCon 2023 was a blast! Here is our official round-up:

    CommCon 2023 took place at the stunning Dunkenhalgh Hotel in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK on 19 - 23 June. Our first event back IRL since 2019, and it was a great success!

    CommCon in full swing
    Our 'Just an RTC Minute' game going down well with the crowd
    A lovely bit of CommCon mingling

    We brought the community together with a bunch of fun activities, including funfair games, karaoke, and even a surprise trip to Blackpool! Thank you to all our sponsors for making them possible 🧡

    A fierce game of ring toss
    The Signalwire team striking a collective power pose in Blackpool
    Gala dinner on the final night
    Dave and Will from Element enjoying some karaoke


    Vonage founder Jeff Pulver, indie ISP supplier Tom Rigg and open source champion Amanda Brock gave us some top-notch keynotes.

    Jeff gave us a big dose of inspiration and reminded us of the power of connecting, Amanda got everyone’s minds whirring about the future of open source and how it drives economies, and Tom gave us a fascinating insight into how fiber broadband is deployed and how pushing content and computing to the edge impacts quality.

    Jeff Pulver giving an inspiring first day keynote
    Tom Rigg telling us all about rural community fiber
    Amanda Brock giving us the lowdown on the future of open source

    Topics and themes from this year

    This year we covered open media as well as real-time comms. It was great to have some more video folks in the mix.

    Big themes were AI (of course), the ways that RTC and traditional media are merging, and open source continuing to be awesome.

    Session highlights

    Here’s just a few team highlights to give you a flavour of the talks this year:

    Dan’s favourites

    Garrett Graves from Twitch gave an awe-inspiring talk on his project S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y., a brilliant use of tech and Renan Dincer from Cloudflare gave us a glimpse into how a large scale company like Cloudflare runs services worldwide.

    Marco’s favourites

    Marco loved the innovative thinking and technical content in talks from Javi B from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Tim Panton from |pipe| and Evan from Signalwire.

    If you missed out on being with us in person, you can grab a VOD ticket to watch all the sessions back.

    If you were an attendee this year, you can use your ticket reference number to access all VOD sessions for free.

    You all loved it!

    Everyone had a great time - even if we do say so ourselves 😏😆

    Here’s what you had to say:

    “Great atmosphere!” “The level of the talks was impressive this edition. Very good choice of speakers”“I very much enjoyed discussions with folks from leading companies in the industry, I came away with contacts, ideas, and solutions for some of the issues we face” “One of the main advantages was the feeling of being in a safe place to open up - even about security incidents/concerns/issues.”

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    That’s all for now,

    – Team CommCon

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