The Fediverse Calls...

    A happy Mastodon creature sits peacefully in a room filled with plants, whilst nextdoor the Twitter bird sits in denial with a coffee in a room that is very much on fire
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    The fediverse calls…

    We’re now on Mastodon! 🧡

    Find us here: @[email protected]

    Join us to stay up to date about future CommCon events and other bits of RTC and open media news.

    We’re powered by Takahe, an open-source ActivityPub server that’s compatible with most of the fediverse.

    Where else to find us

    If you’re not on Mastodon, you can also find us on LinkedIn, X, Facebook and Instagram (and a not-very-active-yet Threads).

    A note on X / Twitter

    For a long time, Twitter (now X), was a great way for the CommCon community to connect outside of the event, but (aside from all the bots and misinformation plaguing the platform) recently X has suggested there are plans to introduce a subscription in order to post content or reply to anyone. Essentially a read-only version, unless you pay.

    This move from Elon and X doesn’t feel like it aligns with the CommCon values of inclusivity and interaction so we will likely stop posting on X when pay-to-post is introduced.

    Stay tuned

    Stay tuned for news about CommCon 2024 and a post from Dan on the tech details of how we set up three companies on one ActivityPub server for Mastodon with the help of Takahe.  

    -- Ellie and the CommCon team

    Ellie Robinson

    Ellie Robinson

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