That's a wrap on CommCon 2024 🎉

    CommCon 2024 was a year of experimenting, so here's how we think it went...

    We hosted two events this year, both graciously hosted by our location sponsors, Cloudflare. Our London event ran on 5th and 6th June, with a day of hacking and a day of exciting and interesting talks from the finest minds in the industry. Our San Francisco event (yes, we crossed the pond for the first time in our history!) ran a week later on 12th and 13th June. The events were outstanding in both their quality content and their exceptional company!

    CommCon London in full swing at Cloudflare's offices.
    Our San Francisco hackers busy at work.
    Fred Posner from LOD Communications giving a talk about APIBAN.
    Evan McGee chatting between talks.

    Our non-residential format meant that we were able to really focus in on the quality of the talks, and there was a lot of quality to focus on. All of our talks were fantastic, in both locations, and we want to highlight just a couple that really stuck with us as a team after the event.

    • Evan McGee from Everlit & Signalwire gave a rousing and enlightening talk on the use of AI audio in storytelling.
    • David Atkins from 3adesign spoke to us about the use of FFMPEG and RDMA in low-latency communication systems.
    • Kwindla Hultman Kramer from Daily showed us the Pipecat project - a way of building voice bots with AI.
    • Wojciech Barczynski from Software Mansion demoed the new LiveCompositor project that they have recently open sourced.
    • Dan Jenkins from Nimble Ape Ltd introduced us to ICEPerf - a new open data service to help people decide which TURN network best meets their needs.

    All of our talks are available to watch on our YouTube channel, so check them out if you weren't able to make it in person (or if you just want to revisit the awesome speakers doing their finest work on stage).

    We want to say thank you again to our amazing sponsors, without whom the event literally would not have been possible.

    Also, a special shoutout to Forge & Craft, who created our hackathon prize artwork - bespoke plotter art skylines of both London and San Francisco.

    San Francisco hackathon winners with their prize.

    We'd love to know what you thought of this year's events, as we were trying something different and it's important to us to keep evolving what we do that it provides maximum value. If you've received an attendee feedback form from us and you haven't already filled it in, please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts.

    We have some exciting plans for the future of CommCon, and we want to make sure that you all come with us for the ride, so over the coming months we'll send some updates that we hope you'll all love. If you haven't signed up to our mailing list, now's the time to do it here.

    Thanks for coming, thanks for supporting us, and thanks for making our small corner of the industry what it is. We'll speak to you all again soon!

    Dan Jenkins, signing off for another year of CommCon.

    - Team CommCon

    Alanna Jenkins

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