Subspace as Platinum Sponsor

    Today I take great pleasure introducing Subspace as our first Platinum Sponsor. You can take a look at the full announcement over on the Subspace Blog

    Not only are Subspace sponsoring the event and enabling CommCon to happen; CommCon will also be pushing all the traffic for recording and delivering the sessions through Subspace's GlobalTURN network which I'm really quite excited about. A real test to push both Broadcaster.VC but also a test for Subspace's new TURN network.

    While Subspace are a relatively new company; they've made a big impact in the communities they power; recently sponsoring the OpenSIPS Summit - I'm looking forward to hearing more from them during CommCon about how their network    really works as well as their plans going forward.

    CommCon will be delivered 6-10 December.



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