San Francisco, it's nearly time! 5 days to go!

    Orange graphic with CommCon logo and the text 'SF Speakers 12-13 June 2024' with headshots of all the speakers

    🎤 Ali C. Begen - Ozyegin University
    🎤 Dominik Ridjic - Sipfront
    🎤 Fred Posner - LOD Communications Inc
    🎤 Geoff Willshire - Kioz
    🎤 Kwindla Hultman Kramer - Daily
    🎤 Luke Curley - Discord
    🎤 Nikhil Gupta - VAPI
    🎤 Przemyslaw Roznawski - Software Mansion
    🎤 Renan Dincer - Cloudflare
    🎤 Sean DuBois - Pion
    🎤 Wojciech Barczynski - Software Mansion

    San Francisco tickets go off-sale THIS SUNDAY

    If you're planning on coming to SF on 12-13 June, then you've got 2 DAYS left to buy tickets.

    ⚠️ SF tickets must go off-sale SUNDAY 9 JUNE 23.59 Pacific ⚠️

    We can't move this deadline, so if you've left it to the last minute, now's the time to buy.

    Some SF event details:

    🗣️ Talks
    All those speakers above, covering all the latest in real-time tech on Thu 13 June. Scroll down on the Speakers page for full list of their talk topics.

    📅 Schedule
    Planning your trip? Here's the SF schedule, and travel and other details on the Location page.  

    🛠️ Hackathon
    The hackathon will be happening on Wed 12 June. Think fun and informal vibes rather than anything pressured! Plus we have a cool arty prize to give away 🤫

    Looking forward to seeing you all!

    Joran from Sipgate and Dan on stage at CommCon London 2024

    Missed the London event?

    Thanks to all of you who joined us for the hackathon and the conference day. A true CommCon community feel, and lots of great insights from the speakers. 😊🧡

    If you missed it, head to the London Speakers page, and click on any of the talks to see the video of their sessions.

    That's all for now, folks. Don't forget to grab your SF tickets whilst you can!

    -- Team CommCon

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