Real-time experts Nimble Ape and Everycast Labs as Platinum Sponsors πŸš€

    One week to go until CommCon 2023, have you got your 🎟️ tickets 🎟️ yet?

    This week we welcome Nimble Ape and Everycast Labs as Platinum Sponsors πŸš€

    Nimble Ape logo

    Nimble Ape is a real time communications consultancy specialising in WebRTC and VoIP.

    They love building anything real-time, including native apps, VoIP apps and speech-driven apps, and offering innovative real-time solutions for businesses.

    Nimble Ape works with small companies who need help to architect a solution from the ground up and large companies who need tools that scale. Each problem is unique and they take pride in providing a highly-tailored service for each client.

    Nimble Ape is celebrating its 10th year of business, and is currently hiring for a software engineer.

    Everycast Labs logo

    Everycast Labs offers software solutions for businesses in the broadcast and events industries.

    We support broadcasters and live-streamers with efficient content delivery that scales, with an emphasis on increased interactivity with users. Whether you're broadcasting to 100 users or 100,000, we can help.

    Everycast Labs’ primary product Broadcast Bridge helps you to easily incorporate remote presenters and participants into livestreams and broadcasts.

    Ice Cream sponsor Β 

    SIPhub logo

    Welcoming our latest sponsor SIPhub, who are providing us with free ice cream!

    SIPhub is an OpenSIPS brand - the same people running the community OpenSIPS SIP Server Project are shaping Open Source Software for the needs of the industry.

    SIPhub covers the full spectrum of a SIP solution, from the actual software development, the integration of all the components and wrapping of the APIs, to the final operational service.

    SIPhub believes in flexibility and customisation using the SIP Engine - a SIP-smart infrastructure: 100% API driven, easy to integrate and to build your services on top of it. You can keep control over your service look-and-feel, customise it to your precise needs, while taking advantage of their powerful SIP engine.

    That’s all for now, see you in just over ONE WEEK 🀩

    -Team CommCon

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