More Speakers Announced 👀

    The Real-Time Communications and Open Media spaces are full of so many talented people! We are pleased to bring the best of the biz to CommCon so we can all learn from each other’s expertise.

    Over the long weekend we confirmed some more awesome speakers for CommCon 2023, take a look below:

    Jared Smith
    Senior Community Engineer at Mux

    Jared Smith

    Jared discusses how modern technology has blurred the lines between traditional real-time communications (phone calls) and traditional broadcast media (video).

    Christoph Guttandin
    Owner at Media Codings

    Christoph Guttandin profile

    Christoph shows you how to improve browser compatibility one test at a time using the open source project, Web Platform Tests.

    Aravind Sethuraman & Dhananjay Deshpande
    Senior Architect/Software Engineer & Director of Engineering - Bloomberg Real Time Communication (RTC) at Bloomberg LP

    Aravind Sethuraman & Dhananjay Deshpande profiles

    Aravind and Dhananjay talk about how Bloomberg's engineers have used open source software to build a variety of useful RTC workflows within the company's widely-used finance tool, Terminal.

    Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
    Principal Software Engineer at 8x8

    Saúl Ibarra Corretgé profile

    Saul takes a look under the hood of React Native WebRTC and goes over the migration to Unified Plan.

    Mira Georgieva
    Partner at Zoiper and Ambassador at Banafo

    Mira Georgieva profile

    Mira takes us behind the scenes of AI and Telecom and shares all her pearls of operational and strategic wisdom. She helps you to ask all the right questions so that you can avoid project and product disaster.

    Tim Panton
    CTO at |pipe|

    Tim Panton profile

    Tim describes his experience of getting video from a pizero in a small autonomous robot over wifi and a VIM3 in a full size racing car over 4g.

    Sandro Gauci
    Owner and founder of Enable Security

    Sandro Gauci profile

    Sandro covers the security vulnerabilities of WebRTC, including within Video Delivery mechanisms such as RIST and SRT, and explains how to make sure you avoid the pitfalls.

    Corey McFadden
    President and Founder at Voneto

    Corey McFadden profile

    Corey discusses well-invested engineering efforts like benchmarking and optimising minimalistic data flows to make good design choices.

    It’s going to be a very special event! Have you got your tickets yet? Earlybirds are still available, but hurry, they’re only around until 30 April.

    See you in June!

    -- CommCon Team

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    Ellie Robinson

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