Lightning Talks at CommCon

    At CommCon 2019 we held our very first round of lightning talks; if you don't know what lightning talks are - they're usually 5 minutes long and you the speaker get to decide what you talk about for those 5 minutes. In 2019 we said "speak about anything that excites you... just keep it industry relevant" and we ended up with some excellent quick fire talks - you can find them on our youtube channel.

    We missed out on doing them last year at CommCon Virtual 2020 because everything was pre-recorded but we're changing it up this year - this year we've got pre-recorded sessions with live intros, live Q&A and live Lightning talks! We've got two sessions this year, both 30 minutes long (meaning we've got time for around 5 lightning talks each time) to hear from anyone from our audience on almost any topic they want to talk about as long as it's industry relevant.

    This year our lightning talk time slots are Thursday 9th December at 11am UTC and Friday 10th December at 15.30 UTC so if you'd like to get involved send us an email to [email protected] - we've only got 10 slots available so get in touch asap with your idea for a talk. We can't wait to hear what you want to talk about!



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