Founder of Vonage Jeff Pulver to keynote at CommCon 2023

    A flurry of announcements to make today, hold on tight!

    First up: We’re thrilled to share we have confirmed our first keynote speaker: Jeff Pulver 🤩

    Jeff Pulver, founder of Vonage

    Jeff Pulver is a VoIP industry heavyweight. Jeff is the founder of Vonage and creator of the VON conference. If anyone knows about the future of communications, it’s Jeff.

    In his keynote, ‘The History of The Future of Communications’, Jeff will be boosting us into the future so we can take a nostalgic look back to 2033 and what happened to Telecom over the past 10 years due to advances in AI, Chatbots, 6G and Blockchain.

    We can’t wait to hear what the future holds! 🤖


    🎤 We’ve started confirming speakers, but there is still one week to submit your talk!

    Check out who is already on the line-up:

    Maya Sastges
    Software engineer at Sipgate, Germany

    Maya Sastges, software engineer at Sipgate

    Maya’s talk ‘Separation of Platform and Product’ shows how Sipgate enables its product developers to build telephony features.

    Maya explains why Spigate decided to go with a strict separation of product and platform, outlines their architecture and internal API and talks about their first experiences working with it:

    “As a VoIP provider offering a cloud based PBX as their main product, Sipgate needs to provide a reliable telephony experience while also offering a variety of telephony features. By separating platform from product logic and introducing an internal API, we relieve our product developers of in-depth knowledge of SIP and legal requirements. It also allows us to view topics like reliability and scalability entirely from a platform perspective.”

    Joining Maya is…

    Ali C. Begen
    Computer science professor at Ozyegin University, Turkey and technical consultant

    Ali C. Begen, computer science professor and technical consultant

    Ali’s talk promises a fresh look at live sports streaming with media over QUIC:

    “OTT live sports has led sports broadcasting to a new level, where fans can stream their favourite games on connected devices. However, there are still challenges that need to be tackled. Nobody wants to hear a neighbour’s cheers when a goal is scored before seeing it on the screen, making low-latency transport and playback indispensable. Synchronisation among all the viewing devices and social media feeds is also essential.”

    Joining Maya and Ali, we have…

    Javi B
    Tech Product Manager at Touchstream, Spain

    Javi B, Tech Product Manager at Touchstream

    Javi is going to take us deep into the dark recesses of your CDN logs to reveal some insider secrets of the video industry…

    “Having spent almost a decade in this industry, working my fingers to the bone with FFMpeg commands, and ending up crying drunk a few times in Vegas & Amsterdam agonising over high latency, glitches, and stalled video errors…my rocky journey made me learn a few things about CDNs, and now it's time to share my industry expertise at CommCon.

    During this session, I'll share some tips on understanding the logs' info, ways of predicting some bad behaviours in your CDN network, and how to fix the issues before our viewers face the dreaded 400s.”

    We’re looking forward to finding out more, Javi.


    We already have Element confirmed as a platinum sponsor, and now we’re pleased to add Sipgate to the list as a Silver sponsor ❤️Welcome back, Sipgate!

    Sipgate has been around since 2004, and was the first provider of internet-based telephony in Germany. Sipgate now builds innovative fixed and mobile products for hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals at home, on the road, and in the office.

    Sipgate has generously sponsored CommCon before and we’re so pleased to have them back for 2023. Thank you for helping us to make CommCon a reality, Sipgate 🙏

    Stay tuned for more soon! And don't forget to get your tickets!
    - Team CommCon

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