Element brings Element Call and Third Room to CommCon

    We’re looking forward to hanging out in our Platinum Sponsor Element’s space at CommCon in just one week! 🤩

    Stop by at their sponsor area to learn more about Element and Matrix, plus all of these tasty demos and tiny talks:


    Element Call interface with four people video chatting

    Element Call 📞 is the native integration of WebRTC in Matrix.

    At the moment Element can do 1:1 calls using WebRTC, and group calls using Jitsi. Element Call is the next step to make VoIP group calls completely Matrix-native. Currently it can support calls with up to 8 users, and they’re working on SFUs to scale it up. The SFUs will be interoperable, which means a group of people distributed across two servers will still be able to talk to one another: each person will talk to the SFU of their server, and their SFUs will talk to one another.

    Check out Element Call in its current iteration, including seeing the Spatial Audio in action and talk in more detail about how the SFUs scale 🤓


    A virtual space with two plain orange avatars standing on a basketball court with a basketball about to go through the basketball hoop.

    Third Room is a decentralised metaverse platform built on top of the Matrix protocol, designed for communities to gather, share, and collaborate.

    Come and get a special VR demo 🥽

    Third Room uses WebRTC behind the scenes to convey the audio and React for the “Head Up Display” style UI with the 3D world engine. It also allows people to add user-generated content that people can interact with 😎

    Definitely worth checking out!


    And catch some Tiny Talks from Element staff:

    Matrix + WebRTC = <3
    Dave Baker will get everyone started with Matrix, and how it can be a powerful glue for WebRTC.

    The Power of Open Standards
    Axel and Thib will give a remote talk about open standards. They’re not just technical specs: they’re business enablers that can transform society entirely. We’ll see how, and how you can help!

    Matrix’s bridges man Half-Shot will be in the room to welcome our guests. He’ll be more than happy to tell everything about how Matrix can make IRC, Discord and Slack work together. If we dream a little, we can think of voice or video-based bridges too.

    We can’t wait!

    If you haven’t got tickets yet, there is still time - grab yours today! Ticket price includes 4 nights’ accommodation and all your meals 😍

    🎟️ https://2023.commcon.xyz/pricing/ 🎟️

    See you soon!

    — Team CommCon

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