Element as Platinum Sponsor

    It's my absolute pleasure to announce that Element, a major contributor to the Matrix Foundation, are our third Platinum Sponsor of CommCon Virtual 2021. They've been huge supporters of the conference in the past with both Silver and Gold sponsorships as well as powering our text conversations throughout CommCon Virtual 2020 last year.

    Along with sponsoring they'll also be speaking in 4 sessions this year as well as their Platinum Sponsor slot as well as powering our text conversations between speakers, sponsors and attendees again with an Element Matrix Services instance with full federation into any other Matrix server that already exists out on the internet.

    With their recent launch of their Element One plan anyone can now use Element and Matrix at the heart of their communications with full unlimited access to the Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram bridges - meaning just using Element for your Communications across these 4 networks - amazing.



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