CommCon Virtual 2022 CFP

    Today we're launching our Call for Papers for CommCon Virtual 2022. You can find it over at powered by the pretalx open source project.


    The plan for CommCon 2022 is to release 2 or 3 videos a day for 3 weeks - totalling around 40 sessions; every session other than Platinum sponsor "fireside" chats are proposed via our CFP process. Releasing videos completely independently from a "time schedule" offers everyone the opportunity to pick and choose sessions as and when they're able to. In the past we've spread our virtual sessions out over 13 hours, every 4 hours or so but that's a challenge for everyone involved so we've taken the decision to make videos freely available at any time on a particular day.

    The CFP is open until the 8th of April 2022 with recordings taking place in May. Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes, with the whole session being recorded in one go.

    This obviously leaves us with an issue relating to Q&A after a session has gone live - we'll be encouraging everyone to join our Matrix Space over at (note, it's a different space to last year's Virtual event)

    Damn, no in person event?

    Never say never. While we've taken the difficult decision to remain "virtual" for another year, the world is opening up again and we want to help connect our community together once more. On that note, we are looking into how we can make a couple of in person "meet-ups" happen within that 3 week period where videos get released - facilitating community members being able to connect in person once again. Don't expect the usual "CommCon experience" from these "meet-ups" but expect a little more than you'd get from a typical evening "meet-up". If you want to help make these happen then get in touch using the information in the section below. The organising team are based in the UK so we'd definitely be looking to hold something in Europe somewhere. Whether we could do something in the US and something in Asia as well is up for debate.

    Want to sponsor?

    If you're interested in helping us make CommCon 2022 happen then please get in touch about sponsoring the event - you can contact us on Matrix in the space listed above or just email us at [email protected]



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