CommCon Hackathons 2024

    London Hackathon - Wed 5 June
    San Francisco Hackathon - Wed 12 June

    Attendees gathered around laptops at a previous CommCon

    We're taking hackathons back to the glory days, back to a time where hackathons were about building cool stuff with your friends.

    You can be sure that CommCon's hackathons won't contain an endless stream of rules 🚫, millions of judges 🚫 or trying to divide a shiny PS5 prize into 4 or 5 shares 🚫.

    No, no, we'll be keeping things simple:

    πŸ“… Hacks will take place on the Wednesday (5th in London, 12th in SF)

    πŸ•˜ Running all day. Take breaks as and when you need.

    πŸ› οΈ Access to Cloudflare's Calls, TURN and Stream APIs.

    😎 Relaxed, no pressure, just building some cool new stuff together.

    ✨ Making hackathons fun again!

    >>> London Hackathon <<<
    >>> San Francisco Hackathon <<<

    Join us

    We're strongly encouraging everyone to come along for the hackathon days. It will be a great chance to tinker with some new tech, make new connections and catch up with old friends.

    It's TWO WEEKS until London and THREE WEEKS until SF, so time to get planning your trip (and buying your tickets if you haven't done that yet!)

    That's all for now, see you soon!

    -- Team CommCon

    Ellie Robinson

    Ellie Robinson

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