CommCon and Community Sponsors

    CommCon would be nothing without the community surrounding it; it’s a conference run by the community for the community and so without support from amazing businesses and supporters around the world it just wouldn’t happen.

    What is a community sponsor?

    At CommCon we have 4 different sponsorship packages; ranging from Platinum to Community; they’re all designed for specific business needs and come with different benefits. Unless you’ve organised an event before; you may not realise just how much community events rely on sponsorship — most wouldn’t happen without the support they receive from sponsors.

    The community sponsorship package was designed for smaller businesses that may want to support CommCon financially but weren’t of a size where they could spend thousands of pounds supporting an event. It’s these amazing companies that still want to do “something” for an event in the industry that enables their business. As a community sponsor, you don’t get a ticket to the conference included in your package and rely on the organisers to promote them. Putting it bluntly — community sponsors are amazing.

    Announcing Loway and LOD as Community Sponsors

    If you come from the VoIP world, you’ve probably heard about Loway. They build products such as Queuemetrics and Wombat Dialer, which are pivotal tools for operating a contact center.

    Since 2004, Loway has been leading the way in development of advanced software solutions for the Asterisk PBX. With QueueMetrics, Loway set up modern standards for contact center performance measurement. WombatDialer itself is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform. QueueWiz is a free web contact center simulator.
    Their mission is to put Swiss passion for precision and reliability at your service. Not only are they mathematical geniuses; but they’re good friends of Nimble Ape, who happen to understand why events such as CommCon are vitally important for the Open Source community.

    Loway — Community Sponsor

    We are also hugely thankful for another community sponsor, LOD. Fred Posner and I were at an event together recently (Asterisk World 2018) and Fred mentioned he would unfortunately not be able to attend CommCon like he’d hoped; but would like to sponsor the event because he believed in the vision. The next day, Fred had signed the forms and asked where to send his contribution.

    Not only would I recommend LOD and Fred to anyone after Kamailio work (or general VoIP consulting) but he’s a down right awesome guy to get to know too. In fact, he’ll be at Kamailio World in May where you may be lucky enough to get your hands on some of the now famous VoIP cookies from the Bearkery.

    LOD — Community Sponsor

    So a huge, huge Thank You to our community sponsors who have supported the event so far. We’re still looking for Gold and Silver sponsors to support CommCon to enable us to make it the unforgettable event it deserves to be. If you’re interested in supporting CommCon get in touch at [email protected]

    Written by Dan Jenkins



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