CommCon 2024 - Sponsorship

    🎊 CommCon 2023 was a truly fantastic event; we loved every second of it. So much so, that we've already started planning for 2024. 🎊

    However, the way we organise CommCon needs to change going forward. CommCon has always been a community event and that will never change. CommCon's mission hasn't been to make huge profits; it's always been about bringing people together and offering the best experience possible. This year, we're asking for support in doing that before we commit to running the event in 2024.

    We have launched our sponsorship website and we're keen to find out who would be interested in supporting us in running another excellent event next year. You'll get to have your company's name associated with some of the best content in the industry and have the opportunity to build new connections, as well as strengthening existing ones, in our unique residential setting.

    There is no doubt that CommCon is playing an important role in driving the Open Source Media industry forward, so now is the time to have your company associated with the event.

    Head to our sponsorship website and register your interest today and know that you're making CommCon 2024 happen.

    Alanna Jenkins

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