✨ CommCon 2024 Highlight ✨: Zen and the Art of Storytelling by Evan McGee

    We had many, many highlights at this year's CommCon events; we were lucky to have some of the best in the industry provide thought-provoking and engaging talks that we hope will inspire conversations across the industry for a long time to come.

    One such talk that is particularly relevant to today's social discord is Evan's talk around AI and how it can be used for storytelling.

    AI is an endlessly controversial subject, with a constant back and forth on it's value as a tool vs. it's threat as a competitor for human interaction and involvement. Evan poses that we can utilise some clever AI prompts to help us tell a better story to our telecoms clients and that voice cloning could allow us to provide a more streamlined, cohesive service to the end user. This is a man who really knows what he's talking about - his company, Everlit, has recently partnered with Newspack to deliver AI-driven-text-to-audio generation on up to 5 articles a month for free. Congratulations to Everlit 🎉.

    His full talk is below, and gives a tonne of extra background detail to our very short summary, alongside showcasing some of the tools currently available in the industry. We seriously recommend dedicating 25 minutes of your life to it.

    We're keen to hear your thoughts on the future of AI and what it can do to help boost our industry and our work. Come share your thoughts with us on our social media.

    - Team CommCon

    Alanna Jenkins

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